Valuation & consulting Services

​​Emerging Trends in the Boutique Practice include:​
Green Commercial Real Estate. We provide appraisal services designed to meet the growing needs of highly performing commercial and residential buildings. Related to this, typical assignments include: valuation of existing green buildings and homes, feasibility of planned retrofits, valuation of new construction with particular emphasis upon proper descriptions of green features as well as the articulation of anticipated value impacts. We are additionally and happily available to speak to small groups on this topic by special arrangement.  

Green Homes. More and more homeowners are deciding to integrate environmental considerations into their home building design and functionality. We offer valuation of green homes which typically includes, but is not limited to: AI Residential Green & Energy Efficient Addendum, incorporation of relevant scorecards, energy efficiency documentation, and any related tax rebates and/or discounts. 

Residential and Commercial Valuation of Solar.  Solar assets are increasingly incorporated as a means through which to save money, save resources, and reaffirm one’s commitment to renewable resources. We offer valuation of the contributory value associated with owned (not leased) PV solar systems premised in established methodologies resulting in a supported discounted cash flow model.

Cannabis and Real Estate. After the 2018 farm bill was signed, Hemp became legal in America. Hemp is a term used to classify varieties of Cannabis that contain 0.3% or less THC content (by dry weight). Given the nature of Cannabis operations, special building location and design characteristics are implicit that have the potential to directly and indirectly impact supply and demand factors associated with cannabis related real estate. We are working on the forefront of these and related valuation issues to maintain competency as it specifically relates to cannabis and real estate in Ohio.

We are additionally and happily available to talk with you about speaking on these topics for our local audiences.  

General Property Types Appraised:
​We appraise a variety of standard commercial real property types throughout Ohio and Arizona including but not limited to: office; industrial; retail; mixed use; multifamily; vacant land; historical properties; special purpose properties; new construction; proposed construction; limited agricultural uses.