Our Valuation & consulting Services.

General Property Types Appraised

 ​We appraise a variety of standard commercial real property types throughout Ohio and Arizona including but not limited to: office; industrial; retail; mixed uses; multifamily; vacant land; historical properties; special purpose; church properties; schools;  new construction; proposed construction; limited agricultural uses.

In addition...Emerging Trends Currently Covered

by our Boutique Green Building Practice include... 

Green Commercial Real Estate. We increasingly also provide appraisal and educational services designed to meet the particular needs of highly performing, energy efficient, green buildings. Scope of services include AI Commercial Green & Energy Efficient Addendum, valuation of existing green buildings, feasibility of planned retrofits, valuation of new construction, and potential value impacts of proposed energy efficiency upgrades.

Green Homes. Valuation of green homes includes analysis of AI Residential Green & Energy Efficient Addendum, relevant scorecards, energy efficiency documentation, and any related tax rebates and/or discounts.

Residential and Commercial Valuation of Solar.  Valuation of owned photovoltaic (PV) solar systems utilizing PV Value ® software to determine a discounted cash flow of the energy produced by the solar PV system.

Marijuana and Real Estate. Valuation of real estate associated with and/or related to the production and/or dispensing of medical marijuana in the State of Ohio.